The world's first audience 1 km solar panel road Wattway opened

Energy and transportation in the rapid development of the past few years, in addition to changing the driving style of the car, the traditional road can be transformed. This point, France in the lead. Earlier this year, the French government announced plans to lay a 1,000-kilometer long solar road in five years, enough to supply the five million people with the required electricity. France Tourouvre-au-Perche northern part of a small town, the world's first solar road Wattway officially entered the pilot phase. The solar-powered road, which is 1 km long and 2 meters wide, is made of 2880 photovoltaic panels that generate 767 kWh per day and can withstand the repeated rolling of cars and trucks. If the weather is good, it is expected to generate 280 MWh per year. This means that 5,000 people can be used for public lighting. If the trial is successful, the town of all street lights by Wattway to provide electricity. In addition, there are photovoltaic experts believe that the solar road to absorb the effect of the sun i as roofing, because the roof can be tilted against the sun, the effect of absorbing sunlight better. The same price, the roof is more solar energy. It is reported that Wattway laying the total cost of about $ 5.2 million, generating the same amount of electricity, is 13 times the rooftop solar energy, against the fact that it is worthwhile.

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