Russia solar energy project tender 520MW

Russia has for the solar energy, wind power and water and other renewable energy 2017 annual tender arrangements for the allocation of the total size of 1.9GW, which accounted for 520MW of solar energy.

The announcement of the Administrator of the Trading System indicates that 2.2GW of renewable energy projects have been put into the bidding, including 1.65GW of wind power projects. Which is expected to have 1.9GW project winning, winning the project to be completed in 2018 ~ 2022 years.

In the pre-selection phase of this standard, there are 625MW solar project bids, while the Russian authorities are expected to allocate the scale of 520MW. At the same time, the use of Russian local production of solar energy components of the power plant, can enjoy a higher amount of FIT program.

Russia 2017 solar energy project tender size of 520MW
According to reports from Russia's local media RNS, T Plus has confirmed that it will build 15MW, 30MW, 25MW solar power plants in three areas, Orenburg, Samara and Saratov. Another company Green Energy Rus has made 16 scale between 15 ~ 25MW solar project, the total size of 300MW, distributed in Russia. In addition, Russia's local solar module plant Silicon Technologies has made four, a total of 80MW solar power plant construction permit, located in Bashkiria and Volgograd two districts. Hevel Solar's subsidiary, Avelar Solar Technology Company, will build 25MW of solar energy in the Bashkiria area and build 50MW in the Oreburg area.

As of the end of 2016, Russia's installed capacity of solar energy has reached 540MW, of which 60MW installed in 2015, 70MW in 2016 and network. Other about 400MW of solar energy, in fact, mainly from the Crimea. Russia plans to increase solar capacity in 2024 to 1.52GW, 2024 ~ 2030 is expected to increase by 1.18GW.

In 2013 ~ 2016 years, there are 2.06GW renewable energy system to complete the bid. The 1.9GW renewable energy bidding program is Russia's fifth round of bidding.

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