Limited Warranty for PV Modules
Cixi City Rixing Electronics Co.,Ltd shall guarantee the quality of PV modules of our company. For specific standard modules please refer to appendix:
If you have purchased this product from Cixi City Rixing Electronice Co.,Ltd , you shouldbeaware that this warranty is provided in addition to other rights and remedies held by a consumerat law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and any other reasonablyforeseeable loss or damage .You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if thegoods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.
All the solar modules which sold by Cixi City Rixing Electronics Co.,Ltd and the importer will keep all the serial number for late inspection.
During the warranty period , if there is any quality bulk sexual problems , Cixi City RixingElectronic Co.,Ltd, will analyze the problems according to the actual circumstance of the product with the buyer ,if the responsibility belongs to the company itself , the company will provide thebest compensation scheme within a reasonable range of business ,such as advising clients toreplace new components, or repair the components by Cixi City Rixing Electronics Co.,Ltd andproviding compensation etc.If the responsibility belongs to the buyer because of individual reason , the company will also give some advice and technical support ,at the same time ,we will also vigorously cooperate with consumers’ to deal with this problem together
If the customer has not satisfied with Cixi Rixing Electronics Co.,Ltd about the quality problem, the company will try standing in customer’s point of view to consider problem, and in the case of company system allows,to help and support the customers as far as possible , and will alsovigorously cooperate with consumers’ association.

1.Quality Warranty
1.1Supplier will provide the Buyer with Products certified by the relevant institutions suchasTUV ,UL(except for the products specially required bu the buyer). The appearance of theproducts will be consistent with the standards of appearance as stipulated by the buyer and supplier.
1.2On the condition that buyer will properly handle , transport , install, use,and unsureappropriate environment and maintenance of the products ,supplier warrants that , for ten years from the date of delivery by supplier ,to the Buyer ,the products will be consistent with thedescription in the above section1.1
1.3Under conditions of proper transportation , installation,utilization.environmental conditions and maintenance of products ensured bu buyer, within ten years since delivery day(subject to theoriginal delivery and payment voucher presented bu both parties ), if products arise with anyincompliance with such as terms in above clause 1.1 buyer should inform direct supplier of products manufactured by Cixi City Rixing Electronics Co.,Ltd within five working day ,so as toreduce loss caused by deterioration of problem for both parties.On receiving and confirmingproblem report from buyer,direct supplier should handle problem in time with replacement of defected products or compensation for component damages.
1.4For the problems occurring beyond the ten-year warranty period(beginning fromthe date of the original delivery and payment voucher presented bu the buyer ). Supplier will provide paidservice subject to mutual agreement of both parties.
1.5Compensation for component damages: compensation should be paid according to the value of residual power(subject to attenuation ratio promised by Cixi City Rixing Electronics Co.,Ltd), On its used time (subject to the original delivery and payment voucher presented by bothparties ).Multiplying current average market price of module, until implementation of the Quality Warranty Provisions is finished.

2.Performance Warranty
2.1The DC power of a Product shall be tested under standard test conditions which are:light intensity 1000W/m²temperature 25℃ and AM1.5
2.2The buyer must ensure to properly handle , transport, design the system of , install , use , andkeep appropriate environment and maintenance for the products .
2.3If the output power of the module does not meet the above levels within the time specified,thesupplier and the buyer will jointly analyze the causes. If supplier determines that the liabilityis attributable to itself, then supplier will provide the buyer with best remedial choices commerciallyreasonable,such as providing additional module.repairing or replacing the module,providing thebuyer with compensation in accordance with this limited warranty,extending the warranty periodfor the original modules,etc. If the supplier has ceased to manufacture the module in problem,thesupplier will provide the standard products it is manufacturing as remedy.
2.4Compensation for shortage of power.For the difference between the actual total output power and committed total output power,the supplier will compensate the buyer with additional modules having the equivalent power.

3.1 This limited warranty does not cover any losses caused by natural disasters, such as lighting, flood,pestilence,earthquake or other weather conditions.
3.2This Limited warranty covers neither that transportation charges of the product to bereturned,nor the unloading the reloading charges and other charges such occurred .
3.3This limited warranty does not cover the situation that the type and serial number of anyproducts are illegible.
3.4 The buyer must ensure proper package, handle, transportation, storage, systermdesign, installation, use environment and maintenance the product.

Except as expressly set forth above,the parties make no representation,warranties,or guarantees,either or limited,oral or written,with respect to the product or otherwise,includingwithout limitation any implied warranty
(1)of merchantability
(2)of fitness for particular or
(4)12years limited product warranty, 30years performace warranty

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