Indonestian 600KW

Module Type: QJM-405
Project Location: Bandung Indonestian
The 600KW power station project invested by our company was completed in Indonesia

Italy 2MW

Module Type: QJM-460
Project Location: Rome Italy
Italian customers have invested in a 2MW power station project with solar panels produced by our company

Italy 3MW

Module Type: QJM-350
Project Location: Florence Italy
This is our company's 3MW project in Italy, which is very successful locally

Ningbo 1.2MW

Module Type: QJM-460
Project Location: Ningbo china
This 1.2MW project is located in Ningbo. The customer has highly praised our professional service and perfect price, which will lay a foundation for future cooperation in other projects.

Ningbo 6MW

Module Type: QJM-550
Project Location: Ningbo china
Our company installed a 6MW power station project for Hesheng Silicon Industry, which was successfully completed. It will be helpful for our company to carry out other installation business in Ningbo in the future and play a good publicity role.

Ningbo 1.2MW

Module Type: QJM-410
Project Location: Ningbo china
Our company has installed a 1.2MW power station project for Maishi Technology, which has achieved great achievements in the local area.